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MIT licensed Open Source Identity and Access Management implementing OAuth 2.0 and SCIMv2.
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OSIAM - Open Source Identity and Access Management

OSIAM is a secure identity management solution providing REST based services for authentication and authorization. We achieve this by implementing two important open standards:

OSIAM is published under the MIT licence, giving you the greatest freedom possible to utilize OSIAM in you project or product. Watch our blog to stay informed about releases and upcoming changes.

Use cases

Get started

You want to try OSIAM without much effort? Get started with OSIAM in 5 Minutes using Docker and Java. Don't like Docker? No problem! Take the 10 minutes quickstart with Vagrant.


Learn how to install and configure OSIAM for production in the documentation.


  • osiam handles the authentication and authorization based on OAuth 2.0 and holds the SCIM based user data
  • addon-self-administration provides account management self-service as a web application
  • addon-administration lets you administer users and groups via a web application

Easy customization

Every visual aspect of OSIAM's components can be easily customized by supplying your own templates, stylesheets and scripts to make OSIAM integrate seamlessly with your application. Read the customization guide to learn more.

Issue Tracker

Please report issues, bugs and feature requests via the issue tracker.

Get involved

Help is very appreciated. Please read the contributors guide to learn how to get started.

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