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Osiris Mapviewer for Android


This code contains an Android demo application for visualizing indoor areas using the Osiris platform. The application, uses Mapsforge ( for displaying the background map image in the mobile device. Uses the overlay drawing capabilities for displaying the different levels of the buildings.


The configuration parameters are set using Android resources files. Specifically, the file "values/strings.xml" is used for loading the configuration.

The main configuration parameters that need to be set in the application are the following:

  • Environment, set using the attribute name osiris_app_host, for instance

    <string name="app_host"></string>

  • Application ID, set by the attribute osiris_app_id

    <string name="app_id">myOsirisApplication</string>

The application will load this configuration at startup and download the map and indoor information if necessary.

Also, the configuration of the URLs for the different osiris services can be found in the file