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Offensive Security Incident Response and Internet Security Lab of NYU Tandon School of Engineering


  1. Hack-Night Hack-Night Public

    Hack Night is an open weekly training session run by the OSIRIS lab.

    Python 1.2k 258

  2. Fentanyl Fentanyl Public

    Fentanyl is an IDAPython script that makes patching significantly easier

    Python 199 27

  3. CTF-Challenges CTF-Challenges Public

    A repository of challenges from various CTF competitions.

    Python 149 39

  4. CTF-Solutions CTF-Solutions Public

    Solutions to a variety of Capture The Flag challenges from different competitions.

    Python 198 56

  5. Project-Ideas Project-Ideas Public

    A place to discuss potential projects for students of the ISIS Lab.

    383 79

  6. CSAW-CTF-2022-Final-WriteUps CSAW-CTF-2022-Final-WriteUps Public

    C 6 1


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