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Tyler King edited this page Oct 14, 2018 · 8 revisions

Integrate OhMyBrew\Basic-Shopify-Resource library

Integrate the library for API ease.

#81 - Auto-discovery support; Status: Complete

Shorten the install process by auto discovery.

Handled in v3.1.0

#80 - Allow for getting API results of a charge; Status: Complete

Modify the Charge model to grab the shop, run the applicable API call.

Handled in v3.1.0

#61 - Multiple billing plan support; Status: Complete

Modify code to support plans through config, this may be a breaking release.

Handled in v4.0.0

#63 - Free access for staff and affiliates; Status: Complete

Modify code to use an observer which is enabled/disabled via config allowing a shop to be set as a grandfather on install. This will not be a breaking release.

Handled with this wiki entry

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