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Software-defined open cloud infrastructure. Baseline of the core infrastructure services of the Sovereign Cloud Stack.

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Project description

OSISM is developing a solution for the holistic management of sustainable, sovereign software-defined cloud infrastructures.

OSISM is used by the Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) to manage the core infrastructure services.

As the basis for pluscloud open from the German-based cloud service provider PlusServer in Cologne, OSISM is an integral part of one of the first Gaia-X compatible hosters.

We enable fast, easy and consistent management and provisioning of compute, storage and network resources to run cloud-native applications.

Our solution provides a solid and stable base for the deployment, operation and lifecycle management of on-premise cloud infrastructures, for public cloud data centres and, at the edge, for distributed systems. OSISM is also suitable for building supercomputers and HPC environments.


Documentation on OSISM can be found at The associated repository is osism/documentation.


If you have found a bug, a feature is missing or you have a question just open a bug in osism/issues. We will then move it to the right place and assign it as soon as possible.


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    This repository is used for issues that are cross-repository or not bound to a specific repository

  2. OSISM documentation

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  3. testbed Public

    With this testbed, it is possible to run a full OSISM installation, the baseline of the Sovereign Cloud Stack, on an existing OpenStack environment such as City Cloud or Open Telekom Cloud.

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