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Execute the subsequent commands within the aptly container on the mirror system.

$ docker exec -it aptly_aptly_1 bash

Import GPG keys

# wget -O - | gpg --no-default-keyring --keyring trustedkeys.gpg --import

Add repositories

# aptly mirror create -architectures=amd64 bionic-docker bionic stable
# aptly mirror create -architectures=amd64 bionic bionic main restricted universe multiverse
# aptly mirror create -architectures=amd64 bionic-backports bionic-backports main restricted universe multiverse
# aptly mirror create -architectures=amd64 bionic-security bionic-security main restricted universe multiverse
# aptly mirror create -architectures=amd64 bionic-updates bionic-updates main restricted universe multiverse
# aptly mirror list
List of mirrors:
 * [bionic-docker]: bionic
 * [bionic-backports]: bionic-backports
 * [bionic-security]: bionic-security
 * [bionic-updates]: bionic-updates
 * [bionic]: bionic

To get more information about mirror, run `aptly mirror show <name>`.

Update repositories

# aptly mirror update -force=true -skip-existing-packages -max-tries=3 bionic-docker
# aptly mirror update -force=true -skip-existing-packages -max-tries=3 bionic-backports
# aptly mirror update -force=true -skip-existing-packages -max-tries=3 bionic-security
# aptly mirror update -force=true -skip-existing-packages -max-tries=3 bionic-updates
# aptly mirror update -force=true -skip-existing-packages -max-tries=3 bionic

Create snapshots

# aptly snapshot create bionic-docker-YYYYMMDD from mirror bionic-docker
# aptly snapshot create bionic-backports-YYYYMMDD from mirror bionic-backports
# aptly snapshot create bionic-security-YYYYMMDD from mirror bionic-security
# aptly snapshot create bionic-updates-YYYYMMDD from mirror bionic-updates
# aptly snapshot create bionic-YYYYMMDD from mirror bionic

Publish snapshots

# aptly publish snapshot -distribution bionic-docker bionic-docker-YYYYMMDD ubuntu
# aptly publish snapshot -distribution bionic-backports bionic-backports-YYYYMMDD ubuntu
# aptly publish snapshot -distribution bionic-security bionic-security-YYYYMMDD ubuntu
# aptly publish snapshot -distribution bionic-updates bionic-updates-YYYYMMDD ubuntu
# aptly publish snapshot -distribution bionic bionic-YYYYMMDD ubuntu

If this takes too long, you can use the -skip-contents parameter.

Switch snapshots

If you have updated your repository and want to publish a new snapshot, this will result in an error.

'some package' already used by another published repo.

You have to switch the published snapshot instead.

# aptly publish snapshot bionic-docker ubuntu bionic-docker-YYYYMMDD
# aptly publish snapshot bionic-backports ubuntu bionic-backports-YYYYMMDD
# aptly publish snapshot bionic-security ubuntu bionic-security-YYYYMMDD
# aptly publish snapshot bionic-updates ubuntu bionic-updates-YYYYMMDD
# aptly publish snapshot bionic ubuntu bionic-YYYYMMDD

If this takes too long, you can use the -skip-contents parameter.

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