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If the deployment is carried out or supervised by us, direct SSH access to the system acting as manager is required.

Optimally, a VPN is provided via which all relevant nodes including the remote consoles can be accessed.

Services & Access

All nodes:

  • access to DNS and NTP servers
  • access to Dockerhub
  • access to official Ubuntu mirrors
  • access to PyPI


Mirrors can be provided within the environment.

Manager node:

  • access to GitHub or an internal Git repository server (e.g. Gitlab)


VLAN based

Required VLANs
Name Nodes Optional Routed
management all nodes |times| |check|
internal all nodes |times| |times|
monitoring all nodes |check| |times|
tunnel compute & controller nodes |check| |times|
external api controller nodes |check| |question|
external controller nodes |check| |check|
provider compute & controller nodes |check| |question|
storage frontend all nodes that require access to the storage |times| |times|
storage backend storage nodes |times| |times|


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