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Multicast RTP to Unicast HTTP stream convertor

Copyright (c) 2008-2013 Ondřej Caletka

What is it

This program converts multicast RTP/UDP media into http stream. It acts as a tiny HTTP server. When client connect, pre-configured multicast RTP service is choosen by URL. Program then join pre-configured multicast address and translate incoming RTP data to HTTP stream.

As an alternative to pre-configured address, there is also a UDPxy compatibility mode. If URL looks like /<rtp|udp>/<multicast address>:<port> and UDPxy mode is enabled (which is default), the program joins address contained in the URL.

It's main purpose is to remotely watch multicast video and audio broadcast, when your internet connection in the first-mile (e.g. broadband router) does not support multicast routing.

Main advantage over translating streams in vlc ( is that multicast group is joined after the HTTP client connects, and is leaved immediately after HTTP client disconnects. So, server can be run all the time and consume almost no bandwidth nor CPU power, until HTTP client connects.


The package uses GNU autotools. See the file INSTALL for details.


See provided configfile for example, run program with --help for a list of command line switches.

Do not run rtp2httpd as root. Choose some unprivileged port number and run it under unprivileged user account.