How to contribute

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How to contribute

If you have major feature requests or are Project owner, check the OIPs.

Note! There's a difference for developing generic Oskari functionality and application specific functionality. You should base your work on a released version (master branch) when creating applications, but any generic functionality that should be part of the next Oskari release should be based on the latest develop branch.

Individual developers

  • Familiarize yourself with the license terms and architecture/development principles
  • Individual Community members can report a bug or contribution first by informing other developers by creating a GitHub issue and/or joining Oskari Slack (The codecorner-channel in Slack is a good starting point)
  • Agree on contribution and sign a Oskari contributor agreement
  • New committers will be also approved by the Oskari Project Steering Committee
  • Sign in to GitHub and fork oskari-frontend or oskari-server on GitHub
  • Notify the developers of your contribution via Slack or other means to make sure the feature you are going to implement is not already being implemented by some other developer.
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