Project Steering Committee

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PSC tasks and rules

Oskari Project Steering Committee (PSC) is responsible for updating Oskari Roadmap and discusses the technical issues around in order to ensure consistent maintenance of the software. When new proposals are added to the Roadmap, the PSC members are informed and discussion on the suggested features should be active. Committing the feature is approved by the Project Steering Committee. Trusted developers can also be granted commit rights to the repository.

Oskari PSC will be compiled from active contributors, Oskari Community Members and Project owners. Anybody interested in working in Oskari PSC can become a member (see Adding members).

Oskari PSC is a steering group, a not a management group. This means that the PSC’s job is to describe and decide which new features are adopted to repository. The implementation of these features are done by Community members or Project owner organizations in their projects. Oskari PSC also advises in issues related to Oskari development. The rules for Oskari PSC are adopted from GeoServer, GeoNode & other OSGeo projects.


Discuss and decide on

  • Oskari Roadmap and architecture, considering available resources
  • Decide on the Oskari release schedule (new features, security issues etc. can affect the foreseen timetable)
  • Develop technical standards and policies (e.g. coding and documentation standards, reactions to information security issues)

Foster suggested issues to the Roadmap

  • Vote for new features
  • Guide the major development efforts of the project. This may include deciding which development efforts should receive priority when different efforts are in conflict.
  • The PSC has the right to veto any proposed development efforts.
  • A major development effort which is intended to become part of the Oskari repository can be proposed by any interested party - PSC or non PSC. However, the effort must be approved by the PSC before it can begin.

Other tasks

  • Formalize affiliations with external entities, like OSGeo (e.g. choose a representative in OSGeo or other networks)
  • One member of the PSC is appointed Chair, who has additional responsibilities to organize regular meetings and to resolve tie votes should they occur.

Rules - How does PSC work?


  • On-line meetings 4 times a year or when new features need voting
  • Developer meeting every spring, where major issues are drafted to the Roadmap
  • Memos

Communication methods

Communication should be as open as possible (no private email-lists). Voting results for new features should be open for the Community.

Becoming member or stepping down

The PSC seats are non-expiring. PSC members may resign their position, or be asked to vacate their seat after a unanimous vote of no confidence from the remaining PSC members. PSC is recommended to have an odd number of members (to prevent ties in voting situations) and always at least 5 members.

Any member of the PSC or Oskari community may nominate someone for committee membership at any time. Only existing PSC members may vote on new members. Nominees must receive a majority vote from existing members to be added to the PSC.

Turnover within the PSC is allowed and expected as people move from one project to another or simply move on to a different role.

  • If for any reason a PSC member is not able to fully participate then they are free to step down.
  • If a member is not active (e.g. no voting, mailing list, or Slack participation) for a period of two months then the PSC reserves the right to remove that member from the PSC via a motion from a PSC member and a majority vote.
  • Likewise should a member of the PSC begin to act counter to the goals of the project as a whole on a recurring basis, a PSC member can raise a motion to remove that member from the PSC.
  • Again in this case a majority vote is required to pass the motion thus removing that member from the PSC. In both cases the PSC is then free to seek nominations to fill that position.


All the PSC member have the equal right to vote. See voting instructions. The Chair is the ultimate adjudicator if things break down. A vote of the PSC is required in the following cases:

  • When new features are added to “Under discussion”-list in OIPs
  • Addition or removal of PSC members (including the selection of a new Chair)
  • Giving commit rights to new developers
  • Changing PSC rules and processes
  • Anything else that might be controversial

Members & roles

Oskari PSC members should be willing to

  • commit to the Oskari development effort
  • foster new features to Oskari roadmap
  • be responsive to requests for information from fellow members
  • be able and willing to attend online and live meetings
  • act in the best interests of the project

It is important to note that the PSC is not a legal entity.

Members of Oskari PSC

  • Jussi Arpalahti
  • Marko Kauppi
  • Jaakko Ruutiainen
  • Tuuli Pihlajamaa
  • Hafliði Sigtryggur Magnússon
  • Sami Mäkinen
  • Timo Sallinen
  • Tomi Lukkarinen
  • Heikki Ylitalo
  • Marko Kuosmanen

Chair: Sami Mäkinen

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