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Roadmap process

Oskari software is developed by individual Community members or in projects maintained by the Project owners. The development is based on jointly created vision described in the Roadmap.

The source code provided by the Community members or Project owners will be integrated into the core Oskari software if deemed suitable. The development projects document the created source code with good codes of conduct, so that the reuse of the code is fluent. The Oskari Project Steering Committee checks the documentation before a commit can take place. The PSC accepts the new features to be committed in master branch and oversees the Roadmap.

Adding new features to Roadmap

  • Oskari Community member or Project owner has an intent to add a feature to the roadmap.
  • Oskari Community member or Project owner communicates with other members via Oskari Slack (or email list when available) about the interest to change request or new feature and determine who else is committed to making it happen.
  • Oskari Community member or Project owner creates a feature specification on Oskari wiki under Oskari Improvement Proposals, OIPs
  • Oskari Community member or Project owner finds a committer on the Project Steering Committee to shepherd the roadmap item through the Oskari Improvement Proposals in GitHub (OIPs)
  • Committing the feature is approved by the Project Steering Committee
  • Trusted developers can also be granted commit rights to the repository

Each roadmap item will go through three stages:

  • Under discussion
  • Active
  • Completed / scheduled for release

After communicating with Oskari community the roadmap items enter Active stage and must have a wiki page that lays out the description, user stories and other interested parties. Optionally, the roadmap item may also include an idea of the difficulty and goals as well as any wireframes, technical diagrams, or prior art.

Once a committer has been found to shepherd the roadmap item through the process, the wiki page must contain a clear sense of the technical assumptions, requirements or dependencies, and suggested implementation. Some roadmap items may need to be divided into multiple independent proposals.

Once the proposal passes through the Improvement Proposals process, a roadmap item enters the Development Stage on its way to Release.

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