Roles of Oskari Community

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Oskari Community

Oskari Community creates, develops and maintains, open source software for building geoportals, embedded maps and mobile maps. The Community welcomes all contributors and contributions!

Tasks of Oskari Community

  • The Community is actively involved in developing, both in form of new features and improvements as well as bug fixes to existing functionality
  • Discusses new features and projects via Slack and an email list
  • Community members are welcome to organize and take part in Oskari related events

Project Steering Committee

Technical group for Oskari developers and users oversees and guides Oskari development from architectural point of view. The PSC is responsible for accepting new features to the Oskari OIPs. The PSC also strives to make sure that Oskari core application is properly maintained.

Oskari Project Owners

Project owners are organisations that have interest in developing the Community or new/improved features to Oskari.

Tasks of Oskari Project Owners

  • Manage Oskari related projects (funding, project planning, project management, communication)
  • Communicate with the Community about ongoing projects and improvement ideas
  • Flesh out new and planned features to Oskari roadmap
  • Have new or improved features developed adhering to development and architecture principles described in Oskari documentation
  • Integrate the source code to after being approved by the Project Steering Committee
  • Maintenance of developed new features should be organized to ensure consistency as the software core is developed further and other improvements are introduced in new versions.
  • Owner organizations of Oskari related development projects are welcome to join a joint development forum established by active organisations. Membership fees, tasks and partners and other information about joint development forum.

Coordinator of the joint development forum

Coordinator facilitates Oskari Community. Coordinator is working with the mandate of the joint development forum.

  • Facilitate communication between stakeholders and project owners
  • Activate the Community (arrange events, meetups etc.)

Tailoring and deployment service partners

Development projects can organize and acquire tailoring and deployment as they see fit. Tasks may include modifications, deployment projects or maintenance etc. Architectural principles should be taken into account in development. The source code should be released as open source with appropriate licensing and accompanied by necessary documentation.

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