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Voting procedure for PSC - DRAFT

OIPs should be addressed within one week of being submitted, votes take place at the subsequent online meeting (Slack / email / other TBD).

Each PSC member may vote one of the following in support of the proposal:

  • +1 : For
  • -1 : Against
  • +0: Mildly for, but mostly indifferent
  • -0: Mildly against, but mostly indifferent

A -1 vote must be accompanied with a detailed reason of being against.

A vote is successful if there is a majority of positive votes.

A vote is unanimous, if all casted votes are either:

  • against it -1, or
  • votes for it +1.

In the event of an successful non unanimous vote, the following steps are taken:

  • Each member who votes -1 may supply an alternative with which the original author can use to rework the proposal in order to satisfy that PSC member.
  • If at least one -1 voting PSC member supplies some alternative criteria, the original author must rework the proposal and resubmit, and the voting process starts again from scratch.
  • If no -1 voters are able to supply alternative criteria, the proposal is accepted.
  • In the event of an unsuccessful vote, the author may rework and submit. A proposal may not be resubmitted after being rejected three times.


Note that a majority of positive votes does not need to be a majority of the full PSC, just a majority of the ‘active’ PSC - defined by those present at the meeting or responding within 4 days on email.

PSC members need not sound in on every single motion, but are expected to be active.

Voting results should be openly presented to the Community.

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