Tool for replacing genext2fs when creating ext4 images
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populatefs 0.9

Is a tool that I made to nearly drop-in replace genext2fs.

Image generation

To produce a something like 42mb image: dd if=/dev/zero of=root.ext4 seek=42720 count=0 bs=1k mkfs.ext4 -F -E root_owner=0:0 -L [Label] -N [inode count] -O [ext4 options] -m 0 root.ext4

I made the util for OpenWrt and Raspberry Pi, so I might use.. [Label] = OpenWrt [inode count] = 8096 [ext4 options] = has_journal,ext_attr,resize_inode,dir_index,filetype,extent,flex_bg,sparse_super,large_file,uninit_bg,dir_nlink,extra_isize

and then I will use populatefs to populate empty filesystem. populatefs -U -d [directory containing files to go into root] -D devtable.txt root.ext4


Usage: ./populatefs [options] image Manipulate disk image from directories/files

-d Add the given directory and contents at a particular path to root -D Add device nodes and directories from filespec -U Squash owners making all files be owner by root:root -P Squash permissions on all files -q Same as "-U -P" -h Display this usage guide -V Show version -v Be verbose -w Be even more verbose

Advanced use

You can add multiple directories of filespecs with multiple -d or -D options. These are processed in the order you give 'em to command-line. If these sources contain files that will overlap, previously added files will be overwritten, unless, previously added file is a directory, or if source is trying to add a directory and that filename is previously used with file, error will be printed out. Rules are simple: do not overwrite directory with file, or file with directory.


I did not provide a configure script. Everything choice is given as environment variables. For example: CC=gcc make or CC=gcc DESTDIR=/tmp make install

Study the values from Makefile. If your system did not ship or does not have getopt.. Try: EXTRA_CFLAGS="" make


libext2fs and libmath must be available for compilation. For runtime, kernel must have support for debugfs.


Partly a resize of original genext2fs and debugfs from e2fsprogs