Floom – Image slideshow with a visible timer/progressbar and a funky blinds-like animation for MooTools
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No Maintenance Intended


Floom is an extendible blinds-like slideshow widget for MooTools.

How to use

There are two ways of setting Floom up. One is the object way, where you specify the image url and the caption using the key-value notation:


var slides = [
    image: 'photo-1.jpg',
    caption: 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit'
    image: 'photo-2.jpg',
    caption: 'Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident'

$('blinds').floom(slides, {
  axis: 'vertical'


<div id="blinds"></div>

The second one is by simply passing a element collection, ie. $$('#blinds img'), where the passed element has to be the actual image collection. In this scenario the caption is the elements title attribute:


$('blinds').floom($$('#blinds img'), {
  axis: 'vertical'


<div id="blinds">
  <img title="Description 0" alt="" src="nature-photo0.jpg" />
  <img title="Description 1" alt="" src="nature-photo1.jpg" />
  <img title="Description 2" alt="" src="nature-photo2.jpg" />
  <img title="Description 3" alt="" src="nature-photo3.jpg" />
  <img title="Description 4" alt="" src="nature-photo4.jpg" />


All options have default values assigned, hence are optional.

Version 1.3

  • Works with MooTools 1.3

Version 1.1

  • Bugfixes
  • Removed onFirst and onLast options

Version 1.0

  • prefix: (str) class prefix for dynamically created elements. Defaults to floom
  • amount: (int) amount of blinds. Defaults to 24
  • animation: (int) animation duration for each blind (slice). Defaults to 70
  • interval: (int) the interval between slide change. Defaults to 8000
  • axis: (str) either horizontal or vertical. Defaults to vertical
  • progressbar: (bool) show the progress bar. Defaults to true
  • captions: (bool) show the captions. Defaults to true
  • captionsFxIn: (obj) extend morph-in
  • captionsFxOut: (obj) extend morph-out
  • slidesBase: (str) the directory where to look for images/slides
  • sliceFxIn: (obj) extend morph-in
  • onSlideChange: fires on slide change
  • onPreload: fires on slides preload (once, on script initialization)
  • onFirst: fires when at the first slide
  • onLast: fires when at the last slide