A live web chat connected to IRC. Made during Clojure Cup 2014.
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Breakfast was written during Clojure Cup 2014.

See it live at breakfast.clojurecup.com. Ping @oskarth on Twitter or Freenode for questions.


breakfast is a live web chat connected to IRC. It's a proof of concept of connecting individual visitors to your website with you, through the IRC channel you are already in.

Most live chats are (a) products (b) non-extensible (c) not on IRC. The idea is that you can add this to your Clojure/Clojurescript code base and then answer questions straight from IRC. One could also send other notifications. For example: when a user gets a 404 this could show up in the chat, and you can start comforting them straight away.

It's extremely rough around the edges, and right now it's showing all IRC traffic, rather than just a subset (say, when the user in question gets highighlighted). In fact, it's showing a superset of IRC traffic - it looked so empty with just #clojurecup-breakfast that I added the #clojure channel too (you can however not reply to that channel).

CSFR is missing. Basic throttling is in place at 1 msg per sec (which might be a tad too muc). User-based throttling is missing.


Start a REPL (in a terminal: lein repl, or from Emacs: open a clj/cljs file in the project, then do M-x cider-jack-in. Make sure CIDER is up to date).

In the REPL do


The first starts the webserver at 10555. The second starts the Weasel REPL server.

In a terminal do lein figwheel, this will watch and recompile your ClojureScript, and start the figwheel server (the default). Whenever your code changes, figwheel will recompile it and send it to the browser immediately.

Now browse to http://localhost:10555 and enjoy.


Copyright © 2014 OSKARTH

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.