Small HDL in Clojure. Exercise in writing a DSL.
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Chipper is a toy DSL for expressing and reasoning about basic logical gates. Written during Hacker School in order to learn how to write a DSL and to solve some problems in The Elements of Computing Systems.

  • nand* is a primitive function
  • Rest are defined by you as new building blocks
  • We can bind one chip's output to another chip's input

In general, a logical gate consists of a spec and a implementation. The spec specifies the name, input pins, output pins, and desired behavior (optional comment). The implementation specifies how this is accomplished, with the help of other, more primitive, boolean functions.


(defgate GATE-NAME [INPUTS] => [OUTPUTS] (PART 1) ... (PART N))

For example, we can define a and* gate like this

(defgate and* [a b] => [out] (nand* [a b] => [w]) (not* [w] => [out]))

Of course, this assumes there is a not* chip to begin with. Note that we don't care about how this is implemented, as long as it implements the spec we have given it:

  • Do what the name implies (not should reverse the input)
  • Take w as a input
  • Return a output map with the keyword name of the symbol out

All of this is expressed in this line: (not* [w] => [out])

Running (and* 0 1) evaluates to [0]

You can define your own logical functions in a similar manner.


  • (with-truth-table gate) function (bind with meta)
  • Boolean array support
  • Return of n rather than [n] if there is just one return value
  • Online REPL
  • Visualization on gates
  • Make an ALU


Copyright © 2012 oskarth

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.