Rough range - unix util written in Racket that turns your sample mean into a range.
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rrange is a small unix util that, given a probability and a number of trials, turns your probability into an expected range. For example, let's say you flip a coin 40 times and want to know if it's biased. We assume the probability is 50% and run rrange as follows:

> rrange 0.5 40
> Around 20 ~ [14, 26]

This means that if you flip a coin 40 times and get, say, 24 heads, that's still no cause for concern, since you are still within the 95% expected confidence interval.


rrange is a Racket script. At present time you need to have Racket installed to run it.

  1. Make sure you have Racket install at /usr/local/bin/racket. Alternatively, if you are using OSX, you can run ln -s /Applications/Racket\ v6.1.1/bin/racket /usr/local/bin/racket to avoid moving the Racket bin.

  2. chmod +x rrange && mv rrange ~/bin/.

  3. Make sure ~/bin/ is in your PATH.


Don't use this for anything serious. It is probably buggy and is based on statistical assumptions which may or may not apply in your case.