Golang bindings of Sciter: the Embeddable HTML/CSS/script engine for modern UI development
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This package provides a Golang bindings of Sciter using cgo. Using go sciter you must have the platform specified sciter dynamic library downloaded from sciter-sdk, the library itself is rather small (under 5MB, less than 2MB when upxed) .

Most Sciter API are supported, including:

  • Html string/file loading
  • DOM manipulation/callback/event handling
  • DOM state/attribute handling
  • Custom resource loading
  • Sciter Behavior
  • Sciter Options
  • Sciter Value support
  • NativeFunctor (used in sciter scripting)

And the API are organized in more or less a gopher friendly way.

Things that are not supported:

  • Sciter Node API
  • TIScript Engine API

Getting Started

  1. Download the sciter-sdk
  2. Extract the sciter runtime library from sciter-sdk to system PATH

    The runtime libraries lives in bin bin.gtk bin.osx with suffix like dll so or dylib (osx is not supported yet, due to the lack of osx computer)

    The system PATH is os specific, under Windows simply copying sciter32.dll or sciter64.dll to c:\windows\system32 is just enough.

  3. Set up GCC envrionmnet for CGO

    mingw64-gcc (5.2.0 is tested) is recommended for Windows users.

    Under Linux gcc(4.8 or above) and gtk+-3.0 are needed. Due to the dependencies of gkt version of Sciter runtime library, only debian 8 is tested but not for other distributions.

  4. go get -x github.com/oskca/sciter

  5. Run the example and enjoy :)

Sciter Desktop UI Examples

Sciter Version Support

Currently supports Sciter version - latest

About Sciter

Sciter is an Embeddable HTML/CSS/script engine for modern UI development, Web designers, and developers, can reuse their experience and expertise in creating modern looking desktop applications.

In my opinion, Sciter , though not open sourced, is an great desktop UI development envrionment using the full stack of web technologies, which is rather small (under 5MB) especially compared to CEF,Node Webkit and Atom Electron. :)

Finally, according to Andrew Fedoniouk the author and the Sciter END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT , the binary form of the Sciter dynamic libraries are totally free to use for commercial or non-commercial applications.

The Tailered Sciter C Headers

This binding ueses a tailored version of the sciter C Headers, which lives in directory: include. The included c headers are a modified version of the sciter-sdk standard headers.

It seems Sciter is developed using C++, and the included headers in the Sciter SDK are a mixture of C and C++, which is not quite suitable for an easy golang binding.

I'm not much fond of C++ since I started to use Golang, so I made this modification and hope Andrew Fedoniouk the author would provide pure C header files for Sciter. :)