jskom is a web based LysKOM client, written in Javascript. It uses httpkom for communication with the LysKOM server.
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jskom is a web based LysKOM client written in Javascript. It comes with a Python web app for configuring and serving the Javascript files.

jskom uses httpkom for communication with the LysKOM server.

jskom source code is available at: https://github.com/osks/jskom


httpkom: https://github.com/osks/httpkom

For required Python packages, see requirements.txt. Install them with:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

For running the tests from the Makefile in a console, you need PhantomJS. You can still run the tests in a regular browser if you want. (If you use Homebrew on OS X, you can install it with 'brew install phantomjs'.)

For information: The jskom tests uses the Mocha framework (http://visionmedia.github.com/mocha/) and mocha-phantomjs (http://metaskills.net/mocha-phantomjs/). Both are included with jskom. For mocha-phantomjs to work, mocha.js had to be patched to use a real diff library:

require.register("browser/diff.js", function(module, exports, require){
  module.exports = JsDiff; // this row was added


Oskar Skoog oskar@osd.se

Copyright and license

Copyright (c) 2012-2014 Oskar Skoog. jskom is provided under the MIT license. See the included LICENSE.txt file for specifics.