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This file is intented for people wishing to run Trelby using the sources,
i.e., not using a released package. This means mostly developers who want
to inspect/modify the code.
1. Requirements
You will need Python (2.6 or 2.7) and wxWidgets (2.8) and its Python
bindings to run Trelby. You also need the lxml Python library
To build the manual, you will also need xsltproc.
2. Preparing data files
Trelby needs special preparation for 3 of its data files. If you do not do
this, that aspect of the program will not work.
* Name list
$ make names.txt.gz
* Dictionary
$ make dict_en.dat.gz
* Manual
$ make manual.html
You can run "make dist", which prepares all 3 and also generates a Linux
distribution package which you can ignore.
2.5. Preparing for a Windows build
If you want to create the Windows package, you'll need to place the
Windows redistributable runtime file vcredist_x86.exe in the trelby
Be sure to have the following installed:
* python-2.7.2.msi
- py2exe-0.6.9.win32-py2.7.exe
- wxPython2.8-win32-unicode-
- nsis-2.46-setup.exe
- lxml-2.3.win32-py2.7.exe
- pycrypto exe
Install vcredist_x86.exe locally. On Win Vista/7, msvcp90.dll will not be
under windows/system32, but under windows/winsxs. Hunt this file down,
and copy it over to system32. This just causes duplication, nothing else,
but is required so nsis won't complain about a missing DLL.
Finally ensure you had run make dist in the directory on a linux machine,
so all files are in place. (and ensure vcredist_x86.exe is here as well)
Then, on Windows, to create the installer:
1) cd <trelby directory>
2) build.bat
Your freshly created Setup-Trelby-<version>.exe should be ready.
3. Running Trelby in test mode
On Linux:
$ cd ~/trelby/
$ src/ --test
On Windows:
$ cd \trelby
$ python src/ --test sample.trelby
The file t.bat contains the last command.
4. Differences from packaged versions
The "--test" command line argument makes Trelby differ from normal running
as follows:
-No splash window is displayed on startup.
-No global directory locations are used; configuration/state files
instead go under ".trelby" in the current directory.
-The following characters activate special behavior:
-"å": Load "sample.trelby".
-"¤": Call function MyCtrl.cmdTest.
-"½": Run speed tests.
(The above characters are in the ISO-8859-1 character set.)
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