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Add update check functionality #158

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As all modern programs, Trelby can check (at max) once in a while for newer version. I'd guess a majority of our users do not subscribe to twitter/site rss, and this would be a nice way to let them know of an update being available. can be:


This file can be periodically checked against installed version (which we update every release). The first line is the version, and the second the download location, to be opened in a browser.


The idea is fine, the implementation you suggest is flawed.

  • Link just to the windows version? What about Linux users? What about possible future mac users?
  • We cannot simply tell the user to upgrade, the user has to make that decision, after reading the change descriptions and deciding he's fine with them. We will drop support for older platforms and do other breaking changes in the future; a program that tells the user to auto-upgrade and then stops working is a broken program.
  • It should simply check once in a while if a new version is available, and if so, direct the user to the changes page.
  • The "check if new version is available" must be coded carefully so it never blocks the program from starting up or delays it, even if the user has no internet connection, there are DNS problems, or whatever.

Ah right. The second line can simply be (or changes), which will be opened in the browser if there is a newer version found. It's upto the user to download this if wanted.


Osku: how about using wx.DelayedResult for this?

It takes care of creating a thread etc.. so we don't have to deal with it, and seems to work well in the wxpython demo.


If it works that simply, sure, and whoever implements it makes sure to test it will never cause any problems in the running of the program, no matter what (internet down, the code has a bug and throws an exception, etc etc).


If somebody implements this, great, but not worth keeping an issue open.

@oskusalerma oskusalerma closed this
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