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About Accumulus

AWS Lambda functions are the central computing components of AWS serverless application architecture. It is intimidating to navigate the extensive AWS docs and hundreds of services, and can be challenging to quickly visualize metrics for AWS Lambda functions.

Currently, monitoring tools for Lambda make it difficult to directly compare two Lambda functions. Our solution is a web application that provides comprehensive charts for direct comparison of functions while presenting bottlenecks and potential areas for resource allocation adjustments.

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🛠️ Getting Started:


1. Existing user? You can log in using your email and password!

2. For new users, click "Register" to create a new user account.

3. Follow the link and instructions on the Registration page to assign a Cloud Formation Stack.

4. Copy and paste the unique ARN outputted from the prior step.

5. Register and you're done!

Monitoring Features:

  1. At the Dashboard, users can select different time increments for a broad overview of their Lambda funtions, as well as select from different AWS regions.

  1. Users can also refresh the page with the sync button to grab the most recent data.

  1. To get a more in-depth view of one or many functions, navigate to the Functions page. Once on the Functions Page, users can select the functions that they would like to view, as well as changing the time increments displayed on the graphs.

  1. On the Memory Page, users can select the functions that they would like to view, and are presented with information for memory allocation adjustments. Functions that are over-allocated with over 80% free space are listed. These are functions that may be eligible for a tune up in allocation settings.


Matt Femia - Github || Linkedin

Christian Sansovich - Github || Linkedin

Dan Teng - Github || Linkedin

Eric Wu - Github || Linkedin

Mark Yencheske - Github || Linkedin

Project Links: Github || Linkedin || Medium


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This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


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