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Contributing to GraphQuill

We would appreciate any input on making GraphQuill better. To contribute for any bugs please follow the instructions below.

Reporting a bug

Discussing the current state of the code Submitting a fix Proposing new features We Develop with Github We use Github to host code, to track issues and feature requests, as well as accept pull requests.

All Code Changes Happen Through Pull Requests Pull requests are the best way to propose changes to GraphQuill. We actively welcome your pull requests:

Fork the repo and create your branch from dev. If you've added code that should be tested, add tests. If you've changed APIs, update the documentation. Ensure the test suite passes. Make sure your code lints. Issue that pull request! Any contributions you make will be under the MIT Software License In short, when you submit code changes, your submissions are understood to be under the same that covers the project. Feel free to contact the maintainers if that's a concern.

Report bugs using Github's issues

We use GitHub issues to track public bugs. Report a bug by opening a new issue; it's that easy!

Write bug reports with detail, background, and sample code Great Bug Reports tend to have:

A quick summary and/or background

Steps to reproduce Be specific! Give sample code if you can. Include sample code that anyone can run to reproduce what you are experiencing What you expected would happen What actually happens Notes (possibly including why you think this might be happening, or stuff you tried that didn't work) People love thorough bug reports. I'm not even kidding.

Use a Consistent Coding Style (Airbnb)

We have our included our eslint setup in this repo to make this as painless as possible. Please also install the VS Code Eslint extension.


By contributing, you agree that your contributions will be licensed under its MIT License.


This document was adapted from the open-source contribution guidelines for Facebook's Draft

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