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OSLC OP PGB Meeting 2019-05-20

Chair(s): N/A

Attendees: Jim, Andrew, Axel, Bill, Wesley

Scribe: Andrew

Previous minutes: N/A


  • First PGB meeting.
  • Elect a chair.
  • Decide on a regular meeting and advertise it.
  • Establish TSC members.
  • Establish an OP roadmap for 2019.


Minutes Andrew proposes to use HackMD to capture minutes via HackMD and publish them on a gitub repo. Jim thinks we need to ask Cget if this is OK, or if OASIS is providing some related service.

Jim's list of other things we need to organise first:

  • Shared calendar.
  • Way to take minutes.
  • Way to do electronic votes.
  • Publishing process of the specs.

Specs Rawgit is going away. Andrew switched most links to An example is the Query spec as linked from the specs page

Chair Andrew suggests to elect a chair. Jim suggests also to have a co-chair. Jim suggests a weekly meeting combined with a TSC meeting. Bill nomitates Andrew and Jim.

+1 Wesley

+1 Jim

+1 Bill (joining over the phone)

+1 Andrew

+1 Axel

Motion passed.

Meetings Jim suggests Thursdays 10:00 EST/EDT for a combined meeting. Andrew says that has a Zoho suite account, can use its calendar or Andrew can create a private meeting. We need to meet with Chet to discuss this.

Options for the calls:

TSC Andrew, Axel, Jim would like to join the TSC initially. Here is the OP Handbook.

OP roadmap Jim says that we need to reduce friction and publish specs ASAP. Here is the Google Doc for the 2019 roadmap draft. Jim suggests to use issues for all discussions and decisions; easy to assign tasks straight away and subscribe. Original issue on GH.

OP migration From Carol:

  1. Make the footer to a simple "Copyright OASIS Open 2019" - standard vanilla footer you see anywhere and not going to scare people off

  2. Edit the Contributing page on to explain the different ways people can contribute. It already does that, just needs some tweaking. That page can be very clear that "hey, we'd love to have you publish some stuff here, feel free to submit it" and then in the box on the spec development, spell out there that more specific licensing applies when actually working on the spec.

  3. Stick a nice, easy CC-By or whatever file on the repo where content to the site is submitted so that anyone providing material to the website can see it.

Jim: let's take it during the next meeting.

Action items

  • Contact Chet about calendar, meeting minutes, electronic voting and PROMCODE (Jim)

  • Schedule a meeting with Chet to start discussing the publishing process (Jim)

  • Send out a Jitsi invite for the next meeting (Andrew)

Next meeting agenda

  • Carol's action items.
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