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wmw - Who Maps Where?

This project aims to help you find a local mapper in an area that you are unfamiliar with.

So, if you really need to know, if the waste_baskets on the corner of George St. and Bayard St. in New Brunswick are still in situ, you'd just have to look at the Map and see who's created that area at his or her local area and contact them ;-)

I'd love to be on the Map!

This project is based on the OpenStreetMap Community Index and uses the same feature and resource structure, so, if you'd like to have your home area be displayed:

  1. Go To and draw a polygon using the menu on the right hand side of the map.
  2. Choose your way of saving that GeoJSON file somewhere, either on your device or directly as a Gist (don't forget to set it public).
  3. Create a new Issue using the template provided.

Credit where it's due

Bryan Housel has done literally all the leg-work in creating the OSM Community Index, which is the basis for this project. Show him a little love, when you come across his work (iD Editor, OSM Community Index, Name Suggestion Index).