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PROJECT MOVED: Server for hosting maps powered by vector tiles and JSON GL styles. Based of tileserver-gl.
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The source code is now part of the original TileServer GL repo:

A light variant of tileserver-gl for serving MBTiles with predefined Mapbox GL styles. Built to support serving vector tiles from OSM2VectorTiles to modern client.

This trimmed tileserver does not contain server side rendering into raster tiles for legacy clients, GIS and printing, but it is easier to install and without any binary dependencies in npm. It runs everywhere where node.js runs.

For production deploy check the tileserver-gl project and manual.

Get Started

Install tileserver-gl-light from npm.

npm install -g tileserver-gl-light

Now download vector tiles from OSM2VectorTiles.

curl -o zurich_switzerland.mbtiles

Start tileserver-gl-light with the downloaded vector tiles.

tileserver-gl-light zurich_switzerland.mbtiles

Style and glyphs

The used styles are derived from Mapbox Open Styles and are maintained as npm dependency in a separate repo.