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dimhoff commented Mar 31, 2016

Since enabling OSM Live some days ago, rendering became extremely slow. Taking nearly half a minute to fully render a screen makes OsmAnd unusable.

This seems to be similar to issue #1843, but since that issue was closed long ago I assume it was fixed.

Screenshot with rendering statistics:

The base map I use is from The Netherlands from March 5, 2016. And I have the following files in the OsmAnd live folder:

After removing the files from the OsmAnd Live folder rendering speed increases enormously:

In this example I used Amsterdam, but other cities and rural areas are also slow.

OsmAnd version: OsmAnd+ 2.3.3, released: 2016-03-25
Device: Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini(SM-G800F)
Android version: 4.4.2


From what I have experienced, it was not a matter of the previous issue
being fixed, but rather a cleanup made when the 'full map' is updated.

You have the Netherland map, and it works ok.
Then you added OSM Live, and as the data info acumulates over days, it gets
slower and slower.

When you update the normal map, previous Osm Live data becomes obsolete (so
I delete it) and things get a lot better again.

As days pass, Osm Live adds data again, so it gets slower, and so on...

D.er Hugo Barrocas

dimhoff commented Mar 31, 2016

Ok, so tomorrow it might be fast again. But IMHO this is still a performance issue. It would be a bit of a same if OsmAnd would become unusable at the end of every month.

I don't know what system specs OsmAnd tries to support, but I don't consider my Samsung S5 Mini as old. It's a mid-range phone that was released less then 2 years ago. I don't have any serious performance issues with any other software.

At least a warning when subscribing to OSM Live that says it requires a fast phone would be appreciated.

To give a better understanding of the size of the performance problem. I just retested it with the following procedure:

  1. Go to a piece of map that is not to busy(mainly grass land and channels) at zoom level 14
  2. Kill OsmAnd
  3. remove all OsmAnd Live files
  4. start OsmAnd
  5. when the initial view is rendered zoom in to level 15
  6. write down render time
  7. Enable OsmAnd Live updates and press 'update now' for The Netherlands (This creates 2 update files)
  8. zoom out to zoom level 14 again
  9. kill OsmAnd
  10. start OsmAnd
  11. when the initial view is rendered zoom in to level 15
  12. write down render time

This gives me a rendering time of 252 ms without OSM Live files, and a time of 24651 ms with OSM Live files. That's about a factor 100 slower!

vshcherb commented Apr 1, 2016

It is related to the bug with long lines in osm updates. We are working on the fix but it will be introduced not earlier than next week. The fix will be on the server side, we also postponed map generation cause it is all interconnected (we need to change osm id in order to fix that issue).
I think to close that issue because it is kind of duplicate and we are not going to fix it with current files but we are going to produce completely new files which might have other than that issues.

@vshcherb vshcherb closed this Apr 1, 2016
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