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QPager is asimple Library for ASP.NET Core Projects.

Install Package with nuget

Install-Package QPager 

How to use it ?

  1. Add namespace to your Page
@using QPager

2.Call PagedList helper like below

@Html.PagedList(currentPage, totalPage, page => Url.Action("Index", new { page }))

currentPage and totalPage are some variables or viewbags

Customize Pager's Text

if you want to change default 'Next' and 'Prev' title you can doing this by passing another param like below

@Html.PagedList(currentPage, totalPage, page => Url.Action("Index", new { page }),new QPageOptions { NextPageTitle="Next Page",PrevPageTitle="Prev Page"})

Note :

  1. Qpager uses bootstrap css , this mean you have to add bootstrap.css to all pages that you want to have pagination .if you don't like to use bootstrap you could add some css to decorate your pagination. have to update you CurrentPage int your action Like below :

 public IActionResult Index(int page=0)
            ViewBag.currentPage = page++;
            return View();
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