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Open-source hatchery for Automatically removes eggs when sick and views slightly faster than alternatives.


Run npm install then make build. In order to connect to the database, the program must be run with the environment variables

  • DB - database to use.
  • DB_USER - user to log into database as
  • DB_PASS - password to use
  • DB_HOST - host of database, defaults to localhost Currently only PostgreSQL is supported, though if you really need anything else I can modify it for you.

Other configuration options:

  • PORT - port to run on, defaults to 3000.
  • UPDATE_RATE - interval between each run of fetching dragon data.

These options can be specified in .env as pairs of ENV_VAR=value.

Running node server/index.js should then start the server. It can be used directly on the port you set, though it is recommended that you use a reverse proxy in front of it for HTTPS.

If you are running an unofficial instance, please replace the images with your own versions, and possibly the colors.


Follow the installation steps, but use make watch to watch the Stylus, Elm and JS files for development in place of make build.

Thanks for the error images!

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