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Fast and flexible C++ library for working with OpenStreetMap data.


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A fast and flexible C++ library for working with OpenStreetMap data.

Libosmium works on Linux, macOS and Windows.

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Please see the Libosmium manual for more details than this README can provide.


You need a C++11 compiler and standard C++ library. Osmium needs at least GCC 4.8 or clang (LLVM) 3.4. (Some parts may work with older versions.)

Different parts of Libosmium (and the applications built on top of it) need different libraries. You DO NOT NEED to install all of them, just install those you need for your programs.

For details see the list of dependencies in the manual.

The following external (header-only) libraries are included in the libosmium repository:

Note that protozero was included in earlier versions of libosmium, but isn't any more.


  • benchmarks: Some benchmarks checking different parts of Libosmium.

  • cmake: CMake configuration scripts.

  • doc: Config for API reference documentation.

  • examples: Osmium example applications.

  • include: C/C++ include files. All of Libosmium is in those header files which are needed for building Osmium applications.

  • test: Tests (see below).


Osmium is a header-only library, so there is nothing to build for the library itself.

But there are some tests and examples that can be build. Libosmium uses cmake:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

This will build the examples and tests. Call ctest to run the tests.

For more details see the Building Libosmium chapter in the manual.


To download the osm-testdata submodule call:

git submodule update --init

This will enable additional tests.

See the Libosmium Manual for instructions.


Libosmium is available under the Boost Software License. See LICENSE.


Libosmium was mainly written and is maintained by Jochen Topf ( See the git commit log for other authors.