Mixed more or less useful programs using the Osmium library
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Osmium Contrib

This repository contains a mixed bunch of more or less useful examples of how to work with the Osmium library.

You have to set up Libosmium first.

Build Status


This will work easiest if you have Libosmium installed in your normal include path or if the Libosmium git repository is checked out in the same directory as the "osmium-contrib" repository.

Osmium-contrib uses CMake for its builds. For Unix/Linux systems a simple Makefile wrapper is provided to make the build even easier.

Building all projects

In the main directory type make. Results will be in the build subdirectory.

Or you can go the long route explicitly calling CMake as follows:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

Building a single project

You can build each project by itself by changing into its directory and calling make or cmake as described above.


All contributions are released into the Public Domain.


Jochen Topf (http://jochentopf.com/)