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Version 1.10.0

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@joto joto released this 10 Dec 15:10
· 267 commits to master since this release


  • The fileinfo command now has an --object-type/-t option like some other commands.
  • Extended fileinfo command to show internal buffer counts and sizes.
  • Add --strategy option to sort command. New multipass strategy which reads the input file(s) three times making the sort a bit slower, but also using less memory.
  • New option --remove-tags/-t to tags-filter command. When used the tags of all objects that are not matching the filter expression but are included as references are removed.
  • New option for smart extract strategy: complete-partial-relations=X will complete all relations with at least X percent of their members already in the extract.
  • New export format "pg" creates a file in the PostgreSQL COPY text format with the GEOMETRY as WKB and the tags in JSON(B) format. This can be imported into a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database very quickly.


  • Show better error message if output directory is missing for extract command.


  • Several fixes for the tags-filter command which could lead to wrong results.