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Version 1.4.0

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@joto joto released this 15 Sep 13:35
· 633 commits to master since this release


  • The new manual is a more gentle introduction into the capabilities of
    Osmium Tool. Numerous man page additions.
  • New merge command to merge any number of sorted OSM files.
  • New derive-changes command to create change file from two OSM data files.
  • New diff command to show differences between OSM files.
  • The renumber command can now optionally only renumber some object types.
  • Version information is now printed including the git commit id and always
    shown in verbose mode.
  • Added iwyu target to CMake config.
  • Progress bars will be shown on some commands. (This is configurable at
    run time with the --progress and --no-progress options.)


  • The apply-changes subcommand now detects whether it is updating a normal
    OSM file or an OSM history file based on file name suffix (can be forced
    with --with-history). The options --simplify and --remove-deleted
    are now deprecated (a warning will be written to stderr). For normal OSM
    files, output is always simplified and deleted objects are removed, for
    OSM history files, all versions of all objects are kept.
  • Also check ordering of changesets in osmium fileinfo -e.
  • The getid options -i and -I can now be used multiple times.
  • More consistent warning messages.
  • Compiles much faster due to include optimizations.
  • Update the included RapidJSON to version 1.1.0.


  • CMake now creates compile_commands.json.
  • Wrapper script now works with quoted arguments.