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Provides Python bindings for the Libosmium C++ library, a library for working with OpenStreetMap data in a fast and flexible manner.

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Pyosmium works with Python >= 3.6. Pypy is known to not work.

Using Pip

The recommended way to install pyosmium is via pip:

pip install osmium

We provide binary wheels for Linux and Windows 64 for all actively maintained Python versions.

For other versions, a source wheel is provided. Make sure to install all external dependencies first. On Debian/Ubuntu-like systems, the following command installs all required packages:

sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake libboost-dev \
                     libexpat1-dev zlib1g-dev libbz2-dev

Installing from source


pyosmium has the following dependencies:

Compiling from Source

Get the latest versions of libosmium, protozero and pybind11. It is recommended that you put them in a subdirectory contrib. You can also set custom locations with LIBOSMIUM_PREFIX, PROTOZERO_PREFIX and PYBIND11_PREFIX respectively.

To use a custom boost installation, set BOOST_PREFIX.

To compile the bindings during development, you can use build. On Debian/Ubuntu-like systems, install python3-build, then run:

python3 -m build -w

To compile and install the bindings, run

pip install [--user] .


The example directory contains small examples on how to use the library. They are mostly ports of the examples in Libosmium and osmium-contrib.


There is a small test suite in the test directory. This provides regression test for the python bindings, it is not meant to be a test suite for Libosmium.

You'll need the Python pytest module. On Debian/Ubuntu install the package python3-pytest.

The suite can be run with:

pytest test


To build the documentation you need Sphinx and the autoprogram extension On Debian/Ubuntu install python-sphinx sphinxcontrib-autoprogram or python3-sphinx python3-sphinxcontrib.autoprogram.

First compile the bindings as described above and then run:

cd doc
make html

For building the man pages for the tools run:

cd doc
make man

Bugs and Questions

If you find bugs or have feature requests, please report those in the github issue tracker.

For general questions about using pyosmium you can use the OSM development mailing list or ask on OSM help.


Pyosmium is available under the BSD 2-Clause License. See LICENSE.TXT.


Sarah Hoffmann (