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Bing map upgrade authentication and tile URL to https (#1436)

* Bing map authentication URL upgraded to https

The Bing maps authentication URL that is used for sending the application's Bing Maps Key to Microsoft was still using unencrypted HTTP, instead of HTTPS. 

I have verified that the URL via HTTPS works as expected, it was correctly returning a valid response using my personal Bing Maps key for the imagery-set "Road".

* Change the Bing Maps uriScheme to https

To get the tiles via https one have to set the uriScheme to `https`. 
By doing so the received `imageUrl` will contain an https url for downloading the map tiles. 
Therefore now the metadata request and the tile download will use a TLS protected communication channel.
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jpstotz authored and spyhunter99 committed Nov 16, 2019
1 parent 3a08413 commit 26e6090077e461ebc6f4bf05ed55966f8fef6597
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@
private static final String FILENAME_ENDING = ".jpeg";

// URL used to get imageryData. It is requested in order to get tiles url patterns
private static final String BASE_URL_PATTERN = "";
private static final String BASE_URL_PATTERN = "";

* Bing Map key set by user.

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