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cbalster and spyhunter99 Feature/#1058 (#1068)
* Use properties for lib versions in build files

* Increase JVM memory to allow for dexinprocess

as it improves build times

* Overhaul travis build

- rework the way build environments are configured
- only download required components and emulator images when they are
  required (on a per worker basis). This significantly improves build
  times. As a side effect this requires to switch to google's repos for
  most of the downloads.
- spin up the emulator before starting the build to use the time to let
  it boot. Tests are run afterwards. Slightly improves build time.
- general cleanup
- switch to openjdk8

* Work around SSLExceptions on some emulator images

Some emulator images do not update their time/date correctly and stay
on 0 unix time. This causes SSLExceptions due to the validity of the
certificates. This works around this issues by using http.

* Fix test_getMapTile_found()

Test fails on some emulators due to:
"java.io.IOException: open failed: EROFS (Read-only file system)"
getFilesDir() should always be writable.

* Remove unneeded travis configurations

Since osmdroid-third-party and GoogleWrapperSample are deactivated,
addons and several test targets can be removed. Keeps API23 google api
since there is no default image.

* Disable currently failing builds
Latest commit ad27030 Jun 30, 2018