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<title>jScrollPane - frequently asked questions</title>
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<h1>jScrollPane - frequently asked questions</h1>
This page contains some frequently asked questions about jScrollPane and their answers.
<h2 id="webkit-broken">Why does my scrollbar only appear intermittantly in Webkit based browsers?</h2>
In Webkit based browsers (e.g. Safari, Chrome, iOS and Android) there is a known issue where you must
include your CSS before your JS. <a href="known_issues.html#webkit-css-first">More info</a>.
<h2 id="ajax-disappearing-scrollbar">Why does my scrollbar disappear when I reinitialise my jScrollPane after updating the content with ajax?</h2>
jScrollPane version 2 places the scrollbar and associated controls <strong>inside</strong> the element you apply jScrollPane to. This means that
any positional styling on the containing element continues to work correctly and also allows us to calculate size changes correctly when the
parent element's size changes.
Because of this you can't simply replace the contents of jScrollPane. Instead you need to use the <a href="api.html#getContentPane">
getContentPane</a> API method as shown in the <a href="ajax.html">ajax</a> and <a href="dynamic_content.html">dynamic content</a> examples.