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Vagrant recipe for developing site.
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Vagrant recipe for development OpenStreetMap Drupal site


  1. run ./ to get drupal files into files/drupal

  2. Install vagrant and VirtualBox or KVM/Qemu.

Getting started

  1. vagrant up

  2. add drupal to your /etc/hosts to point your virtual environment. When default, drupal

  3. Access URL 'drupal' from your Web browser.

Login to drupal

Development data is sanitized in both email address and password.

You can login to Admin user with

username: Admin password: password


To contribute something to improve site, please follow next procedure.

  1. fork this tree onto your repository.

  2. make new branch named with your theme what you want to improve.

  3. hack hack hack

  4. pull request for this repository.

To install and enable new module, please modify puppet manifest to do so.

Adding module

  • Open manifests/osm_drupal_modules.pp

  • add line such as osm_drupal::module_add{"geocoder": }


An author tested only on Ubuntu Linux 12.04(precise) 64bit as host/guest.

Test data is sanitized.

  • removed many account who don't have article.

  • change password.

  • change mail address.


Copyright 2013, Hiroshi Miura License: GPLv2

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