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MapRoulette Challenges

Andrew Wiseman edited this page Mar 20, 2019 · 21 revisions

Apple has created a few MapRoulette challenges using our Atlas data analysis tool. MapRoulette is a tool that lets you go through potential issues one by one and either correct them or indicate they are not a problem. In all cases we have messaged the local OSM communities about the challenges for feedback and suggestions.

The challenges include building-road intersections, overlapping ways, highway link roads that may not have the correct classifications, road angles that may be too sharp, and street names that are abbreviated but should be expanded (such as BLVD vs Boulevard).

In MapRoulette you can either pick a random task to fix or click on a specific one. If you want to do tasks around a certain location, such as somewhere you are familiar with, you can click “more options” then “load tasks by proximity.”

Finished projects:

For more information, please contact Andrew Wiseman.

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