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Awesome OpenStreetMap Awesome

A curated list of awesome OpenStreetMap-projects.

OpenStreetMap is an open map being used by millions of devices and users every day. It can both be edited and used by anyone free of charge.

This list contains projects using OpenStreetMap data for creative purposes, as well as projects dedicated to improving OpenStreetMap.

We also have a list of unmaintained projects. If you are a developer, consider adopting one!



Web Editors

Mobile Editors

Native Editors


Web Tools

Mobile Tools

  • OSMTracker - Offline GPS tracking tool for recording GPX tracks. (Android / Wiki)

Native Tools

  • Baremaps - Open source pipeline for producing Mapbox vector tiles from OpenStreetMap with Postgis and Java. (Source Code)

Changeset Tools

Web Services

  • Osm Change Tiles - Map highlighting recent edits per tile. Provides RSS feeds for watching changes in custom bounding boxes.
  • Analytic OSM Tracker1 - Tracker for changesets in your region.
  • Suspicious OSM Changesets - Find suspicious OSM changesets.
  • Changeset Text Search - Filter OSM changesets by comment.
  • Latest Changeset Discussions - Show latest discussions on OSM changesets.
  • latest-changes - Visualize latest OSM changesets within a certain geographic boundary. Includes a simple vandalism checker. (Source Code)
  • OSM Inspector - The OSM Inspector (alias OSMI) is a web based debugging tool for advanced OpenStreetMap users offered by Geofabrik. On a map you can see several themed views, each with several layers, showing specific details of the OSM data, often with highlighted errors.
  • Nominatim QA - The Nominatim Data Analyser is a QA tool used to scan the nominatim database and extract suspect data from it. These data are then presented to mappers through a visual interface so that they can correct them directly.

Tasking Managers

Tasking Managers are websites which assign small tasks to individual users to work towards a common goal.

This section is a great place to start if you want to get into improving OpenStreetMap.


Web Maps

  • Baato Before-After Maps - Generate before-after maps to visualize the work your local community has done. (Source Code)
  • Show me the way - Live map showing latest changes on aerial imagery. (Source Code / Wiki)
  • OSM In Realtime - Visualization of the changes made to OpenStreetMap as they happen. (Source Code / Wiki)
  • osm-livechanges - Near-real-time display of edits in the OpenStreetMap database. (Source Code)
  • indoor= - Map for viewing indoor data from OpenStreetMap. (Wiki)
  • Qwant Maps - Modern map with POI search and routing functionality. (Wiki)
  • F4map Demo - 3D rendering demo of OpenStreetMap data. (Wiki)
  • FacilMap - Map with easy possibility to filter for POI types. (Source Code / Wiki)
  • Straßenraumkarte Neukölln - High-detail micromap of the district "Neukölln" of Berlin, Germany. (Wiki)
  • Road Curvature - Helps to find curvy roads for those who enjoy them. (Source Code)
  • OpenLevelUp! - An OSM based indoor viewer.(Wiki)
  • AccessMap - A web map project to enable accessible, safe sidewalk trip planning for people with limited mobility. Currently rendering senveral cities in Washington State. (Source Code)
  • Cycle.Travel - An OSM-based bike route-planner, together with extensive editorial content about long-distance cycle routes and city cycling. (Wiki)
  • OSM Landuse - OSM based landuse and landcover WebGIS application.
  • OsmAPP - A browsable map showing data and offering simple POI-editing capabilities. (Source Code)
  • Tracesmap - A map allowing for planning routes on OsmCarto and OpenTopoMap-derived retina maps.
  • Visit Sights - Suggestions for self-guided sightseeing tours by foot and overview of individual sights all around the world.
  • - A Map that shows all available defibrillators in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, also used by emergency dispatch centers and rescue services. (ℹ️ German only)
  • Streets GL - OpenStreetMap 3D renderer powered by WebGL2. (Wiki)

Mobile Maps


Map Styles

  • Terrain Classic - World-wide CartoCSS port of Stamen's classic terrain style.

Map Games

  • Back Of Your Hand - A web map game that tests your knowledge by having you find a street in a given area. (Source Code)
  • PraxisMapper - GPS Game server, for making mobile games around exploring the real world.
  • Arnis - Generate cities from real life in Minecraft using Python.

Goal Tracking

The services in this category allow you to track personal and fitness goals utilizing OpenStreetMap data.

  • CityStrides - A web platform that encourages the user to run every street in their city. Based on your Strava data it shows where you have and have not run, provides challenges, a leaderboard, and a forum.



  • libosmium - Fast and flexible C++ library for working with OpenStreetMap data. (Wiki)
  • OSRM - Routing engine for use in C++ applications. (Wiki)
  • mapnik - Combines pixel-perfect image output with lightning-fast cartographic algorithms, and exposes interfaces in C++, Python, and Node. (Wiki)



  • overpass-wrapper - Wrapper around the OpenStreetMap Overpass API.
  • osmapi - Python wrapper for the OpenStreetMap API. (Wiki)
  • osmcha - Python package to detect suspicious OSM changesets.
  • osmnx - Visualizer for street networks. (Wiki)
  • python-mapnik - Python wrapper for mapnik.
  • prettymapp - Create beautiful maps from OpenStreetMap data.
  • overpy - A Python wrapper to access the Overpass API.
  • overpassforge - A package to build Overpass queries from Python objects.
  • humanized_opening_hours - A package to parse the opening_hours tag.
  • geodesk - Fast and storage-efficient database for OpenStreetMap analysis.
  • QuackOSM - A Python library for downloading, filtering and transforming *.osm.pbf files into GeoParquet files using DuckDB.


  • OpenTripPlanner - Open source multi-modal trip planner. (Wiki)
  • GraphHopper - Open source route planning library and server using OpenStreetMap. (Wiki)
  • OSM2World - OSM2World is a converter that creates three-dimensional models of the world from OpenStreetMap data. It can be used as a stand-alone tool, on a server or as a library in Java programs. (Source Code / Wiki)
  • GeoDesk - Fast and storage-efficient database for OpenStreetMap analysis.

Public APIs





Additional Resources


  • - Extensive beginners' guide to editing OpenStreetMap. (Wiki)
  • What OSM? - Tool for finding tools for contributing to OSM by answering three simple questions.
  • TeachOSM - Project assisting educators at all levels to introduce open source mapping and OpenStreetMap in the classroom. (Wiki)
  • WeeklyOSM - News and updates to inform the community about what is going on in the OSM Universe, from experienced mappers to new OSM members.




Global Communities

Related lists

  • awesome-maplibre - A collection of awesome things that use or support MapLibre!


OpenStreetMap and the OpenStreetMap Logo are a trademark of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, and is used with their permission. This project is not endorsed by or affiliated with the OpenStreetMap Foundation.

The OpenStreetMap Logo by Ken Vermette is used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.


  1. This project does not provide a hosted instance and has to be self-deployed. Refer to the project's website for instructions.