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This project aims to create a complete, one stop, learning resource for the overpass API.

It features a beginner-friendly, easy-to navigate documentation, as well as an interactive suite of tutorials to teach different aspects of the API.

Contribution Guide

We accept contributions/edits to the site! Feel free to do a pull request if you see an error in the docs/outdated material.

Translation to various languages is also an aspect we need contribution towards to.

A detailed contribution guide can be seen here

Development Guide

The project is/will be built using (mainly) the following dependencies/frameworks:

  • Hugo - static site generator written in Go
  • Gulp - task manager for preprocessing/asset pipeline
  • ReactFlux - main framework for the tutorial engine
  • Ace Editor/Code Mirror - for the online code editor
  • Stylus - CSS meta language



  1. Install NodeJS, npm
  2. Install gulp: npm install -g gulp
  3. Run npm install
  4. Run gulp
  5. Open http://localhost:1313/

Detailed Setup Instructions

If this is the first time you're working with the node ecosystem, install node first. This will add a binary named npm in your path.

Then, run npm install on the root directory of this project, as well as npm install -g gulp.

The theme/layout code can be found under the themes/src directory. Gulp is a task manager that compiles these files to themes/overpass_doc which is the flat html/css files used by the site.

gulp build needs to be run to compile the src theme. The default gulp task, apart from building the layout and running hugo, includes a file watcher that automatically detects changes in the src and compiles it for you, you which is ideal if you are developing the theme/layout.

Note on i18n: Hugo does not natively support i18n/localization, and certain things have been worked around with to make it work. The site uses content sections to order the content by language (en/data, de/data etc.), and uses taxonomies to categorize the different content.

Deploy Script

The project is deployed through the github pages service. The flat hugo files are pushed to the gh-pages branch.

A script is included in the repo to push changes to gh-pages automatically.


The website's source is released under the MIT License.

The documentation and courses is released under GNU FDL.

Special Thanks to:

This project is made possible through Google's Summer of Code (GSOC) 2015 Program.

The mentor for this project is none other than Martin Raifer (@tyr_asd), responsible for the excellent Overpass Turbo.

Weekly writeups on the project were posted on Arian's blog. Arian (@secretmapper) is the GSOC student for this project.


LearnOverpass is the definitive, one stop learning resource for the Overpass API.






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