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[v3.1.3] - 2019-02-05


  • Support for simplestyle task-feature styling by @Zverik
  • Korean translation by @depth221
  • OSM Data map layer with latest OSM data during task completion
  • New keyboard shortcuts available during task completion: s to toggle visibility of the task-features layer and o to toggle the new OSM data layer on/off
  • Display of logged-in user's leaderboard ranking even if not in top list
  • Country-specific leaderboards
  • Option to show more users on leaderboard to view further down the rankings
  • Move discovery map with Nominatum search using m/ search-box short command, e.g. m/moscow
  • Display of total elapsed time when challenge tasks are building
  • Display of count and percentage of tasks remaining alongside challenge progress


  • Typo in Japanese translation by @higa4
  • Missing "Manage" option when challenge owner browsing non-visible challenge
  • Inability to remove default changeset comment from existing challenge


  • "Create" top-nav link is now "Create & Manage" to improve clarity
  • Show Lon/Lat of task on task completion page instead of Lat/Lon

Special thanks to @Zverik, @depth221, and @higa4 for their contributions! 🎉

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