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Hello and Welcome to MapRoulette.

MapRoulette is a micro-task platform for OpenStreetMap. gives you small Tasks you can complete in under a minute to improve OpenStreetMap. Anyone can create groups of tasks, called Challenges, that the community can complete together.

Besides the website, there is also a full API that you can use to integrate MapRoulette with your own tools.

On this wiki, you will find all the resources you need to use, create and manage Challenges, see statistics and interact with the MapRoulette API.

Topics below that are not links yet are not written yet :( Help is welcome! If you have suggestions for this documentation, or don't understand how something works, please email us at or open a new issue.

Links marked with 📕 are OSM Diary entries.

Improving OSM with MapRoulette


Advanced Topics

Creating and Managing Challenges on MapRoulette

Working as a Team

Interacting with the MapRoulette API

Contributing to the Code

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