NYC bike lane cleanup and update
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Our first MapRoulette challenge is online--check it out!


Coordination for the NYC bike lane cleanup and update. We plan on creating MapRoulette challenges to update OSM's bike lane data using the latest data available from the city.


The simplest way to get going is to clone this repository, cd into it and run:


This will download all the relevant data and process it, then create challenge data.

The data is in two shapefiles: data/nyclines.shp and data/osmlines.shp. The data was created using the Makefile.

The Makefile contains recipes for downloading an OSM extract for NYC. It clips to NYC borders (not just the bounding box) and attempts to select just the features that are bicycle-related. Run the following to get OSM data:

make boroughs osm_bikelanes

You'll need osmtogeojson to run the above recipe, you can install it with npm:

npm install -g osmtogeojson

The city's latest bike lane data is in data/cscl_bike_routes/original. This data is not available online, otherwise we would download it from there. We have reprojected and simplified it, and you can do the same with:

make nyc_bikelanes