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Ideas for implementation in the groups tree


  • Overall issues
    • Move to redesigned UI
    • Improve visual hierarchy on each page. (Groups are hubs for mapping activity - so activity should be foremost. We want people to be energised by the group's aim, whether it be regional, topical, whatever, and to want to join in.)
  • Single group page (
    • Member list should be smaller
    • Show recent changesets by group members
    • Pagination on diary entries, changesets and member list
    • Is the map showing what we want it to? (do we want a map for v1?)
    • Group urls are numbers. Make slugs
    • (v2) Specify a bounding box for a group
    • (v2) Tag changesets as belonging to groups (via a tagging convention, or actually in the data model?)
  • Index of groups (
    • (v2) Search facility
    • (v2+) Suggest groups to users based on home location, etc.

User management

  • I would like to be able to invite people to my new group (by OSM message)
  • Verify that group leader capabilities work as intended:
    • Initial creator of a group is the leader
    • A leader can make anyone else a leader
    • A leader can resign at any time, but:
    • A group must have at least one leader
  • Some way to delete (inactive/spammy) groups? (OSM moderators only?)

User stories

This is a brain dump of condensed user stories we should think about covering in early versions.

  • user wants to join a group
  • user wants to leave a group
  • user wants to create a group
  • user wants to delete a group
  • user wants to discover groups by name
  • user wants to report a group (spam, inappropriate)
  • user wants to (dis)associate a changeset with a group
  • user wants to (dis)associate a diary entry with a group
  • user wants to see a list of groups
  • user wants to see a list of other group members
  • user wants to see a list of diary entries associated with the group
  • user wants to see a list of changesets associated with that group
  • user wants to change the group metadata
  • user wants to message other group members
  • user wants an rss feed of activity in the group