💬 An index of community resources for OpenStreetMap
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💬 An index of community resources for OpenStreetMap.

What is it?

This project is a list of resources for users of OpenStreetMap.

"Resources" can be links to forums, meetups, Slack groups, IRC channels, mailing lists, and so on. Anything that mappers, especially beginners, might find interesting or helpful.

About the index

The source files for this index are stored in two kinds of files:

  • Under features/ there are .geojson files to describe the areas where the communities are active
  • Under resources/ there are .json files to describe the community resources

👉 See CONTRIBUTING.md for info about how to add your community resource to this index.

  • Add a feature .geojson file under features/ folder
    • This is a boundary around where the resource is active
    • You can use geojson.io to create these
  • Add a resource .json file under resources/ folder
    • This contains info about what the resource is (slack, forum, mailinglist, facebook, etc.)
    • You can just copy and change an existing one
    • Several resources can share the same .geojson feature
  • npm run test
    • This will build and check for errors and make the files pretty


  • Node.js version 4 or newer
  • git for your platform


  • Clone this project, for example: git clone git@github.com:osmlab/osm-community-index.git
  • cd into the project folder,
  • Run npm install to install libraries


  • Just npm run test
    • This will check the files for errors and make them pretty.


osm-community-index is available under the ISC License. See the LICENSE.md file for more details.

This project also bundles some icons from FontAwesome. The icons are licensed CC BY 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).