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Birdhouse is a library/framework for writing Twitter bots in Elm.

You need at least Elm 0.12.1 to compile (it's been tested on 0.12.3), as well as a Twitter account, developer API key, and access token for your bot. Make sure you link or copy your elm-runtime.js into lib/ here.

You'll want to compile an example (the library can't compile standalone). Counter is the simplest. Go to examples/Counter/. Create Keys.elm (see Keys.elm.example) with your API keys from the Twitter developer settings. Run make, then cd build, then run an HTTP server and visit /index.html on the server. The bot should start automatically.

Birdhouse uses codebird-js to get past the cross-origin restriction, so it runs your Twitter API calls through Jublo's proxy by default.

Running bots:

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