Shell scripts to ease some AWS administration tasks.
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Shell scripts to ease some AWS administration tasks.

* - Common vars and functions, meant to be sourced by other scripts
* - Backup one or more volumes by making snapshots. Supports 
snapshot multi-tagging and description. Can operate in synchronous mode. Example of usage:

    ./ -s -v vol-bcf905d4 -d Hourly_backup -t "Content=Database" -t "backup=hourly"

* - Find volumes by a given tag. Example of usage:

    ./ -t Content=Database

* - Search for volumes attached to a given instance. Example of usage:

    ./ -i i-9293812

* - Clean old snapshots. Supports snapshot filtering (any criteria supported 
by ec2 api tools). It leaves untouched all snapshots not older than X days, and leave one per day 
for any snapshot not older than Y days (given that 0 < X < Y). Example of usage: 

    ./ -f tag:backup=hourly -a 1 -d 7

* ec2-describe-instances-for-humans - Describe instances of one or more regions (or all of them if none specified)
in a more human-friendly format. Example of usage:
    ./ -r eu-west-1 -r us-east-1