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A plugin that provides a frontend for accesing Google Cloud Messaging service for Android. The plugin provides a service (androidGcmService) that has the following methods:

  • sendCollapseMessage - sends a collapse message to one device
  • sendMulticastCollapseMessage - sends a collapse message to multiple devices
  • sendInstantMessage - sends an instant message to one device
  • sendMulticastInstantMessage - sends and instant message to multiple devices
  • sendMessage - sends a message (collapsed if a collapse key is provided) to the given devices

The plugin can be configured with the following options (to be placed in the project Config.groovy):

  • android.gcm.api.key - The GCM service API key. Must be passed as a method parameter if is not provided in the config
  • - The message TTL (2419200 by default)
  • android.gcm.delay.'while'.idle - Should the message be delayed with the device is idle (false by default)
  • android.gcm.retries - Number of message sent retries (1 by default)

A sample project that uses the plugin is available in (the most interesting class is grails-app/controllers/es/osoco/android/gcm/AndroidGcmSenderController.groovy, which uses the Android GCM Service). This sample project is live and can be visited in